Photography is deeply rooted in my family, but I would say I fell into it. There was strong influence, but it was never a creative outlet I pursued. I liked to get dirty, break things, make things, ultimately to create things that people needed. Ive always loved photography but never thought about pursuing it as a creative outlet. 

I grew up around cameras, many of them, and all of them German. my family, going back generations primarily worked at Kodak in its hay day, at every level. it was an integral part of my creative development. I was exposed to a wide variety of mediums and my outlook on photography, products, furniture, and space was molded in these early years. 

Many years later I was searching for an additional creative outlet, and this other medium, photography, from my childhood came into focus. I wanted to try it. I always admired it and gravitated towards it, so why not try it, right? I did. I started with film to learn and understand the basics and eventually started with digital. I still use both, I still love both for various reasons. 

I gravitate to black and white photography- theres a pureness and honesty to the capture. there is no distraction from color, there's an immediate emotional connection for me that I haven't been able to replicate with film. I would say some of that emotion transfers into digital, but there is an added warmed and honesty in film that I dont see in digital.